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Welcome 2008 :)

Well, another year goes by. I swear they’re getting faster every year…

2007 was quite eventful for me… I changed job (again..) 😉 Infact changed places… came back to my roots after spending a joyful and learning year in bangalore…!! Few relations became more stronger… though some relations made me learn a lot of important lessons for the rest of my life… luckily made few new good friends… for which i am very thankful to god.. 🙂

2007, especially towards the end was very hectic. I really wanna write more about this, however I don’t really have much time.

So, I can only wish you dear friends… a very happy new year. May 2008 brings success, happiness, joy, love and prosperity to all of you..!!

Lots of love and best wishes from me!!



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Happy Diwali….!!!

You can see the enthu in the air, the lights all around, the ‘bheed’…people moving around places to wish their close ones the best of the festive season….it is the same as it is every year. One festival which is celebrated with full rigor in India…and why not, it is THE festival – of lights, of harmony, of homecoming!
But sometimes you just remain unaffected by things around you – as someone rightly said ‘you loose the charm of things around’. You are not an ounce influenced by what happens around you. Life demands a lot from you and you do indulge in what is expected out of you, but within, your silence speaks all that you want to know. How is it when everything around you, the happiness, the spirit, the joyous festivity – everything comes to a standstill because you chose not to get involved? Can you really switch off your mind from everything else and be in your world? I can. I definitely can. It is sad and it hurts, but sometimes, you just get so influenced by life’s pains…the way it shows happiness to some and hurts to few others.
I want to cry. Not for myself but for so many others who live within their own worlds – in silence.
But like I said, life demands, and I absolutely follow what life demands. I am going to celebrate the festival with my dear ones with a bang and wish all of you the very best in your life.

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Happy Friendship Day… :)

This post is dedicated to all my friends on the occasion of Friendship day, which falls on 5th August this year… (i.e., first Sunday of August)

Friendship day makes me wonder about my friends and my relations with them. Why do I need friends? I have work, my family members, and entertainment. What else do I need to live comfortably?

I guess I need friends because I want to share. I need friends because I need somebody who will be there with me when I fall into bad time. I need friends because I want to enjoy being in a group. I hate loneliness and family alone cannot make me feel in the group. For that I need friends, because I want to let somebody know about my deepest thought, my ideas, and my real emotions. Only a good friend can help me share all these.

We take many things for granted in our life. We take air for granted. We take it for granted that the sun will rise again. Similarly we take it for granted that the friendship will never suffer. But that is false. If we don’t water the plant of our friendship regularly, our friendship will suffer and we may create distance with our close friends. We need to value them and value their friendship. So on this occasion I would like to thank my friends for being with me in my happiest and saddest moments ever. Thanks for your lovely friendship. Happy Friendship Day..!! 🙂

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