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Another year passes by..

So, finally i managed to write this post after 11 long months! Year 2010 had been full of developments (personally and professionally) for me. Lots of learning, a shift of place and much more.. More responsibilities at work and home gives me a quite a boring feel at times.. feels like going back to childhood days many a times..

Going back to the memory lane of the year.. here are the highlights of 2010..

  • My new job..(which i used to like initially by started getting bored of it)
  • Tutu’s (My hubby) new job (He is all set for another new job early 2011)
  • New home in gurgaon (the best thing to happen to me in 2010, praying to get my own new house in 2011)
  • Endless movies and outings in gurgaon (literally aware of chappa chappa of Ambience Mall 😉 now..
  • Official travels.. some I can never forget were Lucknow and Patna.. memorable trips ever..
  • Making Good friends at work again.. (i am thankful to god for always blessing me with good friends at work)
  • Stronger and ever growing bonding with sweetheart..
  • Another, important happening was my Art of Living Course.. helped me a lot in knowing myself better, living a peaceful life.. and most important learning to be Happy always! 🙂

Won’t talk about worst things which happened in 2010 since its always good to move over the past 🙂

Looking forward to 2011! And, the best way would be to celebrate the start of the new year would be with a nice holiday! 🙂


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