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Here I am back..

So, here I am at my favorite place, I know I have been away for a really long time.. Actually I  have been a lot more active on Twitter all these days and blog had to take a back seat and yeah my new iphone kept me really engrossed with all those interesting games and apps 🙂

While browsing I happened to read this wonderful quote today:

“You can’t talk your way out of something you behaved your way into. You have to behave your way out of it.”

I think all of us go so much out of our way to hurt someone.. we do things we ourselves can’t imagine… and when it comes to resolving..we say let’s talk! I am not saying that talking is not important, in fact, it is the most important trait for keeping any relationship healthy… but then, there are certain goof-ups which can’t or rather shouldn’t be solved by mere talking… one must get into action!!!

While I talk about relationships, its more important to be more understanding with your partner..  all the fights, arguments, misunderstandings in a relationship gives us enough things to learn from life..

I can think of a great example for learning from things that might otherwise go unnoticed – In Hindu marriages, there is a custom wherein both the bride and the groom have a thick thread tied on their wrists during pre-wedding ceremonies and that has seven knots in it…and tight ones! Now, both of them have to open all those knots on each other’s wrist (which is a tough job)… many, actually most, people just do it… without even thinking about it.  And most of them obviously find it really tough. But both of us were probably little different, we were helping each other in doing that… despite of all the opposition from everyone. And believe me…it was almost a cakewalk for us! Now when I think about it, I could relate it to the difficulties a couple might face in life…with each other or with someone else. So there will always be many problems in life, but if you can stick by each other in the time of adversity, it can sail through anything and everything!

Right now i can mention many examples here.. but won’t make this post any more longer.. and end it here..


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