Shocking Two weeks of my life…

This blog post may sound boring to some of you.. but I believe its important to know how shady is the healthcare system in our country and how the health and well being of the citizens of this country are treated by our esteemed government institution of this country..

Friday Night.. 7th August 2009.. I and my husband decided to go for a one day driving trip to Chandigarh..

Saturday Early morning.. 8th August 2009.. around 7 am.. we started from our home town Delhi to Chandigarh.. I was absolutely feeling fine and healthy.. just had a little cough.. Apart from little cough I did not had any other problem.. We had a good drive and it was me who drove all the way to Chandigarh.. so one can imagine how physically fit I may have been at that time.. On our way to Chandigarh.. we took a hault at HAVELI near Karnal.. (This is the place I believe i may have transmitted the virus of swine flu.. I happened to use the washroom of that place and there were many foreign visitors)..

When we started from Karnal.. i was almost fine.. just a little tired.. which is pretty normal after a drive of about 3-4 hours of continuous driving..

As soon as we reached Chandigarh sector 17 market.. hoping to have some good time.. I started having symptoms of flu… I got very high fever.. severe bodyache.. drowsiness etc.. we had a coffee at place in sector 17 market Chandigarh.. i thought its just the hot weather which is doing all this to me.. never ever imagined that it may be the attack of the deadly virus.. after looking at my condition, we decided not to drive back to Delhi the same day.. and decided to spend the night at Parwanoo Timber Trail Resort after confirming our booking over the phone.. we headed towards the Timber Train Resort.. we checked in at the hotel.. at that time.. i happened to have body temperature of about 104.. I took a Crocin Pain Relief tablet.. which helped me feel better for few hours but of no rescue.. my condition was not good even the next morning.. i called up my doctor Sunday morning from Parwanoo.. he suggested me to take Crocin only and meet him in the evening when I am back in Delhi.. We decided to drive back to Delhi at earliest possible.. we reached Delhi around 3 in the afternoon..

I went to see my Doctor in Max Hospital, Patparganj.. after discussing the condition with him.. he kind of assured me that its not Swine Flu.. its a viral spread all over the Northern India.. and suggested me to go for some Throat Examination.. Though he recommended me to go for Swine Flu examination.. we (me and my husband) immediately rushed to sample collection center in East Delhi.. Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital in Mayur Vihar.. I was impressed with the staff at the center.. as soon as we entered.. we were given masks for safety sake.. and they took my throat and nasal samples after understanding my condition.. Doctor in the sample collection room was quite helpful.. she suggested me to be isolated till the reports come.. and suggested me a course of Tamiflu for 5 days.. She even said that it generally takes 3-4 days for the reports to come due to heavy rush.. if you will be a confirmed case of Swine Flu, you will get a call from the hospital.. she also said very affirmatively that if you are a negative case of Swine Flu, you will not get any intimation from us as we are already having a rush of people coming in for the test..

Yeah she was right.. I got a call from the hospital.. but not after 3-4 days of giving the sample.. I got it after 13 days…

So, what all did I  went through during those 13 days.. here it goes..

Day 3.. Monday 10th August..

I suffered from high fever.. severe bodyache.. bad cough..running nose.. my apetite was low.. i was bed ridden.. and i decided to remain isolated and not meet anyone else except 3 immediate members of my family.. my husband.. mom and dad.. (all three of them luckily have been fine since then and had no symptoms of Swine Flu and are healthy..

Day 4.. Tuesday 11th August..

I had high fever.. though the body temprature came down to 102.. but had severe bodyache and bad cough and all..

Day 5.. Wednesday 12th August..

I started recovering from fever.. temprature went down to 100 and bodyaches started improving.. but i had a really bad cough.. my husband got the reports of the throat came from Max Hospital.. which suggested a bacteria infection in my throat.. (this test report with the bacteria infection helped us believe that there are little chances of Swine Flu.. but we still decided to get the reports from the hospital the next day)

Day 6.. Thursday 13th August..

We tried calling at the phone number given to us by the doctor who took my samples in Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital.. but they were of no use.. they had no information of my reports.. my husband infact visited the hospital and came back frustrated that no body had any information on the same..)

We then visited my Doctor with the reports of bacterial infection in my throat.. he suggested me a medication of 7 days and said it unlikely to have Swine Fly and this kind of infection together.. but we should wait for the reports..

I started on the medication he suggested and my condition started improving.. all these days.. I did not went out or met anyone outside my family members.. visiting the doctor..

Day 7-8-9.. Friday 14th August – Sunday 16th August..

Our hope got stronger of me being tested -ve for Swine Flu.. as there were no information from the Hospital and I started recovering at a good pace.. i was in a very good condition in those 3 days.. a friend from Bangalore visited me on Saturday.. we even went out for a coffee in a near by shopping mall..

On Sunday.. we even went to watch a movie “Kaminey” in Spice Mall Noida.. Believe me I had no symptoms of viral in those 3 days and i was almost in perfect shape..

Day 10.. Monday 17th August..

I joined my work.. with little low on energy.. but i managed to spend the whole day at work without any problem.. Though i was little tired by the end of day.. it happened to be a OK day for me..

Day 11-12-13-14.. Tuesday 18th August – Friday 21st August..

It had been a good and comfortable week for me at work.. all was well.. though i had been low on energy.. during the week i happened to complete the medication suggested by my doctor for the throat infection..  and i had been feeling good by the end of Friday and meeting my family over the dinner.. i was quite excited for the weekend..

Day 15.. Saturday 22nd August..

I had a lazy start to my weekend.. I had been feeling little tired since morning.. the reason i can think of this tiredness is that m still not physically fit.. having a good day @ home.. after cooking 3 good meals, going to the nearby market.. having a good sleep of 2 hours.. i was feeling pretty good..

At 9 pm, I was in the Kitchen.. when my phone rang.. and that phone call brought a news of shock to me.. the guy said I am calling from Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital.. you were tested for Swine Flu on 9th August and your reports just came and you have been confirmed as a Postive Case for Swine Flu… After listening to him.. I didn’t knew what to say to him.. he asked me if I have any symptoms till now.. i told me that I don’t have any sypmtoms.. just a very little cough.. and lot of weakness.. he asked if anyone around me has any symptoms.. i told him that there are no cases.. he asked me to visit the doctor in the Hospital and take the counselling..

After that call, my brain started working whom all I met during last 2 weeks and if anyone has any symptoms.. then i recalled that my friend Rakshit @ work is down with fever for the last 2 days.. i immediately called him and asked his condition.. he’s still suffering from fever.. and asked him to go for the swine flu examination and I am just crossing my fingers that he doesn’t have swine flu..

My husband immediately called another friend of our who visited us on 15th August from bangalore, if he’s fine.. luckily he’s well and have no such symptoms.. 🙂

After having a quick dinner.. we immediately rushed to the Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital.. the staff told us that your reports came in today itself.. as you are fine now and this deadly virus does not last for more than 7 days… and there are no chances that I may have spread the virus at my workplace.. and Rakshit (the friend at work who is down with fever for last two days) had not got infected through me..

I am feeling better now after meeting the doctors.. but the question still lies.. what if I happen to meet anyone during the course of first week when I was on the urge of spreading virus.. what if this deadly disease may have spread the movie hall where I went for a movie last sunday.. what if anyone may get the infection from me on 14th August in a mall where I happen to go with my husband and a friend and all this because of the delay in getting the reports of the test..

Can’t we have a better infrastructure in place.. does it really take 15 days for the reports to come.. ?? Who is going to answer all these questions to me.. There has already been 48 casualities due to this deadly virus.. and 2539 people suffered from this virus.. and there are many more cases every day all because we do not have a good healthcare system in place.. I am feeling lucky at this time but am really really worried about many people whom I came in contact with last 15 days.. not knowing that I was tested postive for this deadly virus… I really wish that our authorities take a strick action towards this deadly virus.. and put a better healthcare system in place…



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5 responses to “Shocking Two weeks of my life…

  1. Amit Gupta

    We do not have good infrastructure or good hardworking people in government. Though still they say that we have done better than most of the other countries by tracking the people better.

    Since the entire focus is on this disease and so much being reported in the media – no hospital can be casual about this – I would say this is the maximum efficiency of the government system possible presently.

    • vidhi82

      If this is the maximum efficiency of our government, then i m really scared how our country is going to save millions of souls from this deadly disease..
      In the whole of North India there is only one Lab which can test for Swine Flu.. and their capacity is testing 150 tests a day.. the stats itself are scary..

      • saurabh

        One small stat for those in the gvt claiming they are super efficient… worldwide casualty ratio with swine flu is 0.4 percent of total ppl infected… in India it is > 2%! and mind you, these are metro figures, be rest assured, the numbers are way higher then this!! If this is better, seriously god bless India!

        One more stat, according to our minister for health, 33% of total population will get infected by this dreaded disease(god knows how he can predict this!!) Going by these figures, we might be loosing nearly 70million people to this disease(according to his estimates and 2% mortality in India)…. and going by the scenario right now, it can be much much more…. do we see the seriousness yet?? Believe me, I dont think so… and the worst part is, this seems the best our gvt can do!

  2. Vikas

    “Humare desh aur samaj ko ek hi shakti chalati hai who hai bhgawan”
    These politician and so-called bureaucrats are damagers of this nation.

    Have faith in god sab accha hi hoga.

  3. Deepika

    Our General Awareness only saves us from such disasters!

    We can never trust Our Govt officials. They are only meant for NO Consideration.

    May GOD always shower his blessings on all of us….. else there is no best way out to fight these enemies…

    Jai Mata Di!

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