Again ranting time..

Yes, I am irritated again. Like really bad! I am having bad mood swings… nothing special really.. its just that time!

But right now everything seem so wrong…and at this point, I am capable of grumbling over just about anything…like the wind blowing or the sun shining or the mountains not moving or the sky not being pink or the water being wet or the Earth being round or whatever!

I hate it. I hate these oscillations in my freaking head! But as always writing helps… and am feeling little better already but then people…still beware of me today!

Plzzzzzzzz………. Someone help me smile…!!!



Filed under Myself, Rants

2 responses to “Again ranting time..

  1. Saurabh

    Searching for the reasons to smile is a reason enough to laugh out loud, well, for the starters, u can smile at the insanity of the creator, to have created sky blue rather then pink 😛

  2. ankur...:)

    u wna smile…think about me…wearing helmet on bike…u remember u laughed alott when u saw me on bike with my helmet…
    😦 & if thts not makin u smile then…hmmm…i have so many embarrassing incidents of my life…to make u laugh…u knw im part time joker 😀 xclusive for u samjhi chachi…abb hass de yaar….

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