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Human emotions..

For sometime, i had a feeling that the most devastating human emotion is loneliness and it could be a real dangerous suffering. We are humans filled with emotions and we need to care for others and want to be cared by someone. Caring is a basic need and it is as important as food and water…

In today’s busy world, the only reason we are more lonely is because we are turning into a rude, negative society. Have you ever given a thought that we aren’t that friendly and personable, and negativity just jumps directly from one person to the other. Why don’t we smile with our eyes? And, why don’t we really like many people. Universal law demands that we receive exactly is what we give out. Negativity attracts negative energy so things only get worse.

With modern communication channels i.e., e-mail, SMSing and instant messaging, we hardly get a chance to meet face to face anymore, and precisely this is the reason of our disappearing social skills. The real smiley’s have turned into the messenger smiles and are often used to soften a rude remark by most of the people.

People who bluntly write things which probably they would never say face-to-face, make a good use of Blogs and bring out the worst. Manners have taken a flying leap and mean rudeness has become the false metaphore of honesty. How many blogs you read have a blunt statement right up front warning the Dear Reader, don’t u like it, you can get the F out. Rudeness gathers its own around and each tries to outdo the other. No wonder, we call this modern communication. 😉

Just as a flutter of a butterfly wing in one part of the world changes the weather in the opposite hemisphere, a single frown or a smile can affect the world around you. I have started realising that how my closeones get affected with a frown on my face and same applies to smiles as well.. it does wonders at times.. 🙂 One in all, i would say Negative and positive energy are powerful natural forces, and we aren’t smart enough to take advantage of them. The idea that humans can change the world through their thoughts may be too ‘new-age’ for many, but think about it honestly before brushing it away. After all, it’s been working since the beginning of time.

Coming back on the personal front.. what one should do on a lonely day…?? What i generally do is that I try my experiment on a lonely day… I try to listen to only upbeat, happy music, or accentuate the positive in everything. I want to try to eliminate all negative thinking for that lonely day, Smile with my eyes, voice, and mouth. Or i would love to take a few moments to quiet the chaos within by gazing at beauty or just remember the moments of fun… and let that feeling flow through me… wish i could ever do so.. but frankly speaking even the thought of having a lonely day is scary in itself but that’s life.. it happens.. you do feel lonely at times..

It is obvious that you can’t erase years of negative thinking from your psyche in a few hours but i believe its worth given a try… after all its all in the mind.. 🙂


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