Sunday Morning SMS…

Having caught a sleep of over 14 hours on Saturday night, Yeah, it was a dream come true for me as for over a fortnight I have not able to catch a sleep of more than 5 hours in a 24 hr day. And, that stretched schedule was so damn tiring that this much sleep was very much needed. I was little relaxed when I woke up on the Sunday morning. As soon as I switched my cell phone in the morning, my phone beeped twice of an SMS (actually 2 messages), sent by my nephew and a friend. (Note: the SMS and the timings were absolutely same; I found it little strange as other than some special days like Diwali or New Year or be it Valentine’s day, such coincidences hardly happens).

The SMS was: “Worst thing in life is ATTACHMENT because it hurts when u lose it. Best thing in life is LONELINESS it teaches u everything & when u lose it, u get everything.”

My first reaction after reading that SMS was that: Don’t you get Attachment when you loose Loneliness… I agree there are other options than getting attached to people… but is it really possible? We do get attached and that disattachment time (if it ever comes) do hurt…!!

When you lose loneliness, you gain attachment and vice-versa… so you can’t have just one. In life, there will be happy moments as well as sad ones and happiness won’t mean anything without those sad moments.

Recalling the below said lines… which I read somewhere long time back..
Life is like a mystery!! It unfolds with its own time… It’s like a river which takes us with its flow… what we need to do is just sit back and enjoy this journey taking into account all the beautiful moments which we often miss!!

Guess, I am feeling very positive though I have been missing me, the carefree and unloaded ME for quite some time. Learning the mechanism to overcome the missing myself syndrome. What I believe right now is that, Living in the present and hope for future are the two possible ingredients in finding me . Hoping that such state of my mind remains for atleast some time as mood swings affect me a lot these days. 😛


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