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Life is about revelations….

“…Childhood was about faith and belief. Faith in the tooth fairy and in cartoon characters. Faith in God that He would hear a child’s prayer instantly. That time was about our unreal concepts of reality. How Superman was too good to be untrue, He-Man the Master of the Universe, and the Smurfs too small to be seen.

Life was about Revelations: learning that cartoons are just paper; that Big Bird was not really a bird, and that the Cookie Monster didn’t really eat all those cookies; that our clothes didn’t get smaller; we grew larger so they didn’t fit us; that the sun didn’t go round the earth, God didn’t live on the moon.

Life was about friends. And games. And color. And crayons, color-pencils and coloring books. It was about matching the dots to complete the picture. And about water balloons and paper airplanes. It was about stories. And innocence. And belief. And the truth.

But birthday after birthday, the bubble came closer to bursting. We grew up regardless of our wanting to grow up. It just happened. Time flowed on, taking us with it. We took a little while to realize where we had gotten. We are now showered with the responsibilities, and there are many expectations .We are required to do things which we used to think were ‘grown up stuff’. Hallelujah, we are now officially ‘all grown up’. Enter the new world, the big bad world of grown ups.

As we tread the path of life, we learn that there are only few people whom you can trust.. The process of learning this staring-at-you-right-in-the-face reality is, of course, a painful one. It’s a test of our patience, tolerance, and belief.

In the past you could join the dots and complete a picture. You would then color it and paste it on your bedroom door. Now, being a part of this big complicated world, it’s difficult even finding all the dots. Once you gather all of them, you fail to join them. Some betray you, some leave never to reappear, some you reject, and some just don’t fit in the picture. You are left with a half-colored, incomplete image. But you are still looking…”


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Welcome 2008 :)

Well, another year goes by. I swear they’re getting faster every year…

2007 was quite eventful for me… I changed job (again..) 😉 Infact changed places… came back to my roots after spending a joyful and learning year in bangalore…!! Few relations became more stronger… though some relations made me learn a lot of important lessons for the rest of my life… luckily made few new good friends… for which i am very thankful to god.. 🙂

2007, especially towards the end was very hectic. I really wanna write more about this, however I don’t really have much time.

So, I can only wish you dear friends… a very happy new year. May 2008 brings success, happiness, joy, love and prosperity to all of you..!!

Lots of love and best wishes from me!!


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