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Does every relationship has an expiry date???

When I read this line “Every relationship has an expiry date” in the profile of a friend, for the lessons he learnt from past relationships, My mind races through the number of instances where I’ve caved in to accommodate somebody else or the number of times I’ve wished a person for their birthday or anniversary when said person doesn’t remember my existence, forget birthday.

Is it true that every single relationship romantic or otherwise has an expiry date? Is it true that every single relationship has an ulterior motive? The motive is achieved and the relationship lapses and is renewed only upon a fresh set of requirements? Or have we just given another person so much importance that they take you, your emotions and your needs for granted in an insensitive sort of way while you end up making excuses for the other person’s insensitivity since said person is a priority in your life?

But as per my opinion, every statement has multiple dimensions to it. It all depends on how we interpret them. For instance, for this statement in the very First look anyone can think it is very negative in nature. But, little more thought applied to it makes it more broader. It is “we”, who define “expiry date”. Not just for relationship, it virtually applies to everything.

Incase you are wondering why I am ranting about this, well I am just venting – retrospective effect. Nothing going on in my life right now that I regret 🙂 So I thank you God!


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